How to Make Custom Boxes

Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Paul is a brand strategist at ICP in Los Angeles, combines his writing expertise with 6 years in packaging design. His insights dive deep into brand psychology and design trends.
How To Make a Custom Box

Ever glanced at a custom box and thought, "I wish I could make one?" Custom boxes aren't just functional; they're an expression of creativity, an extension of a brand, and a memorable part of an unboxing experience. Let's dive deep into this exciting world, shall we?

Why Custom Boxes?

In a world full of generic brown boxes, why should one go custom? The reasons are aplenty!

Branding Opportunities

Custom boxes don't just hold items; they tell a story. By creating a customized design, businesses can increase brand recognition and foster loyalty. Think of it as a billboard, but more personal.

Enhanced Unboxing Experience

Remember that giddy feeling when opening a beautifully wrapped present? Custom boxes can replicate that sensation, making customers feel special every time.

Materials Needed

To begin our custom box journey, we first need to gather our materials.

Different Types of Cardboard

There's corrugated cardboard, grayboard, and chipboard. Which one is right for your project?

Tools and Equipment

Scissors? Check. Adhesive? Check. Ruler? Absolutely!

Step-by-Step Guide

With our materials in hand, it's time to create magic!

Designing Your Box

  1. Measurements: First things first: what's the box for? Measure the item and add a little extra room.
  2. Sketching and Layout: With measurements in hand, sketch your box design. Remember, it's like constructing a building – you need a blueprint!

Assembling the Box

Fold, tuck, and glue. It's a bit like origami, isn't it? Just a bit more rigid.

Adding Finishing Touches

Stickers, paint, or perhaps some ribbons? Let your creativity run wild!

Creative Ideas for Customization

Looking for inspiration? How about creating themed boxes for holidays, adding window cutouts, or incorporating interactive elements like puzzles? The sky's the limit!

Mistakes to Avoid

No one's perfect, but there are some common pitfalls. Ensure your box is sturdy enough, avoid overloading with designs, and always measure twice!


Creating a custom box isn't just crafting; it's an art. With a bit of imagination, the right tools, and a sprinkle of creativity, anyone can transform a simple piece of cardboard into something extraordinary. Ready to make your own custom box?


Different cardboards serve different purposes. For heavy items, corrugated cardboard is best.

Consider using recycled materials and avoid non-biodegradable embellishments. E.g. Kraft paper

Pinterest, design blogs, and craft magazines are great places to start! If you want a professional custom boxes company then Instant Custom Packaging is the solution.

A strong craft glue or hot glue gun works wonders. Choose based on your box’s purpose.

Absolutely! Just ensure you use a print-friendly cardboard type. 

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